DRUCHEMA, DRUŽSTVO PRO CHEMICKOU VÝROBU, Praha (okr.: Hlavní město Praha), Služeb 3, 10000


Služeb 3, 10000 Strašnice (Praha 10) (okr. Hlavní město Praha)

IČ: 00027456

DIČ: CZ00027456

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Tel.: +420 296814301 Fax: +420 296814401


Cooperative for chemical production and services Druchema are traditional Czech companies with a wide range of quality products in the field of household chemistry and cosmetics, adhesives and sealants, paints for textile products for sports and leisure.

It was founded by the fourth June 1951 in Prague. Gradually profiled in the largest chemical team in the country and the domestic market has become an established manufacturer of quality chemical products for the home and industry. As of now, in the second half of the last century, people knew that the car is used for cosmetic Tempo, egg color OVO, paper glue Hercules and ski waxes Skive. Druchema is one of the few brands that still remained in the hands of Czech owners and which still belongs to companies who can be said to be synonymous with your industry.

Since 1995 member strong Druchema holding company INEKON GROUP. Transformation, through which, makes it a highly competitive, modern chemical company European format. Our products are successfully sold in the Czech Republic, but also in Norway, Germany, Poland and the Slovak Republic. It offers a wide range of high quality products, which, moreover, can unblushingly boast traditional epithet.

Products that offers team are highly effective, laboratory-tested and are certified by the state test CR. Comply with all environmental regulations and the relevant European standards.