Who is the Association of Paint Manufacturers of the Czech Republic

Interest is a voluntary association of manufacturers, research institutes and organizations related to the manufacture of paints, varnishes and raw materials for their production in the Czech Republic without the type of ownership.

It is a collective member of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic.
The Association was founded on the 27th 9th 1994 establishing a general meeting and registered at the Ministry of Interior under No. II/s-OS/1-25503/94-E.

The first First 2014 The Association has 19 regular and 6 associate members.

Association of Paint Manufacturers CR associates manufacturers, research institutes, distributors of paints and raw materials for their production and organization closely associated with these productions. In 2012, total production of paints member producers 70% of the total production of paints in the Czech Republic in terms of value.

The mission of the Association:

  • To defend and promote the common interests of the member base primarily in the process of preparation and production of the new Czech legislation.
  • Ensure cooperation with central government bodies, other professional and sectoral associations in areas related to the field of paints.
  • Provide and coordinate assistance between Member Companies in the application of new legislation in the paint industry.
  • Maintain necessary information system field of coating materials for the needs of all members. Strive to create a common business policy and business environment cultivation paint industry.
  • Present coating industry lay and professional public at home and abroad. A suitable form of promotion and presentation of the Association to create and maintain before lay and professional public favorable “image” paint industry Association and its member firms.