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Učňovská 100/1, 19000 Hrdlořezy (Praha 9) (okr. Hlavní město Praha)

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Guild of Painters and decorators of the Czech Republic, after registration at the Ministry of the Interior, began its operation on modern 15.2.2003, when I was the General Assembly, which adopted statutes guild and guild council was elected.

The history of the guild of painters and decorators has been much written and so only briefly recall that the roots of guild activities date back to the reign of Charles IV. In 1348 a decree granted the community of painters (in the same year he founded the “Charles University and began to build a castle Karlstejn”).

Cech has for many years led very well and held the guild hierarchy major third place. His activity was gradually inhibited and terminated in the fifties.

Recalling the history of the first guild “Guild Festival”, cultural events, which took place October 18, 2003 in the church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Prague Karlin. There was consecrated a new guild banner. Guild members were awarded “Guild sheets”, partners and guests guild received “commemorative sheets”.

Currently in our guild registered more than 250 members (craftsmen, painting companies and vocational schools) and the number of applicants for membership is increasing.

Day Czechs not only wants to build on its rich history, but also wants to develop its activities in order to paint and painting craft again and gained a reputation, which had in the past, its members receive information about new materials while being trained in their application. It is very important to achieve a professional work.

Already at the first general meeting came a requirement to craft craft trades happen again to the work carried out by experts with really indenture. Thus, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce filed the Government proposal to amend the Small Business Act. This proposal was a craft business after 3 years of struggle finally approved and came into force on 1.1.2007.

Another important area is cooperation with “honorary members of the Guild,” which include mainly manufacturers and importers of paint and paint materials.

Partners for guild members organize training on their products and their correct application.

Guild members are in turn participate in product testing partners’ Guild.

Cech began to work closely with vocational schools. There is a need for vocational training schools conducted in accordance with the new trends in our craft.

Současná our activity is, among other things, directed the regions and areas to create local “guild group” and “contact” guild, which the intermediary of contact between the customer and the artisan guilds, and vice versa. And for this reason, that in individual regions are after all only slightly different problems to be solved in place, ensuring a quality craft work.

At the moment, some groups have been working successfully.

If you are interested in more information about the Guild of Painters and decorators Czech Republic and visit us or call the Guild Secretariat.