DETECHA, CHEMICKÉ VÝROBNÍ DRUŽSTVO, Nové Město nad Metují (okr.: Náchod), Kpt. Jaroše 472, 54901


Kpt. Jaroše 472, 54901 Nové Město nad Metují (okr. Náchod)

IČ: 00029785

DIČ: CZ00029785

Spisová značka: DrXVIII 234 vedená u Krajského soudu v Hradci Králové

Contact info
Tel.: +420 491 477 110
Tel.: +420 491 477 112
Fax: +420 491 477 198


DETECHA, a chemical production cooperative, is a Czech manufacturer of paints with a long tradition. The establishment of the cooperative dates back to 1954. The work of many generations of our chemists and highly qualified workers resulted in series of traditional products, which are a permanent and inseparable part of the Czech paintshop market. These include products such as Izoban, Tlumex plast, Karbolineum extra or Ekoban, which have repeatedly gained the trust of their customers and are the flagship of our assortment. But we do not rely only on tradition. The current generation of our developers, in close cooperation with our professional consultants, launches other interesting modern products that are admirably promoted in the environment of strong domestic and foreign competition. Examples of such products include those which have quickly acquired their customers. This is Epoxyban, a high-strength concrete floor coating, an anti-corrosion paint Superkov Satin for metal in a modern color range, a highly effective anti-mold product, Detastop, and others. Typical features of Detecha products are fair formula, quality production and reasonable price. All products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality system. We offer free consultation to our customers or coming straight to the application site. We provide professional training at the point of sale. After agreement we are able to offer a custom production.

We are a team that always fulfills what they promise.